Fort Vancouver Boosters is please to announce our 4 P.A.C.awards! The four awards given sports season are to encourage student athletes that exhibit the behavior that our athletic department strives for:
P- Pride
C- Committment
We have come up with 4 awards that honor these abilities. Each winner receives a Fort Warm up Jacket. All in season head and assistant coaches and club advisors nominate. All athletes are eligible no matter what team they participate on (freshmen/C, JV, unified, or varsity) They are voted on by a staff member, out of season coach and a Booster member. For the fall season we had 15 athletes nominated. The winners are below:

Guadalupe Valdivia
Accountability Award
Guadalupe is everything you want in a Trapper Student Athlete, she not only maintains a 3.9gpa she participates in multiple activates throughout the school year. She does this while maintaining a job and helping with her younger brothers special medical needs. She is kind, responsible and nothing but positive and uplifting in her community. She has been a strong force not just on her Varsity team but being a leader helping with the JV team being newly formed. Shes always available to help anywhere in the school including the blood drive yesterday with Dunnegan.

Cesar Marin
Commitment Award
Cesar came out for XC in order to get in shape for the wrestling season. Despite not running distance before, he FULLY committed to the team. He is the only runner- male or female- that has been to EVERY practice, meet and team functions. This included playing through pain, running in 90+ degree weather, torrential downpours and a 14 hour day (we had a meet north of Seattle). He has been an integral part of the men’s XC team and his commitment has thrust him into a leadership position.
Leibreena Fesili
DeLao Service Award
This student athlete has many challenges which could easily be an excuse to give up but everyday they make an active choice to rise above and put their best foot forward. They help care for family members and have put their families needs above their own at times. With that they are never bitter and are a guiding light for those around. This individual is also a leader in everything they do. They help everyone they can and are one of the first to step up when others ask for help.
Osman Sumareh
Trapper Pride Award
Osman attends many sporting events that he is not a part of. He is an active member in each of the sports he participates in. He is positive about others.  He encourages his teammates and has a great sense of humor.  He was nominated by another coach who noticed his faithful attendance at their sport  and cheering at their games.
Congratulations to all our winners!