Safety is a priority

In Vancouver Public Schools, safety is a top priority. The district does many things to prepare for emergency situations, including:

  • Hire district resource officers, or DROs, who are trained to maintain safety and encourage positive behavior.
  • Collaborate with local agencies and other school districts to improve safety procedures.
  • Maintain secure electronic entry systems at elementary and middle schools. At high schools, DROs help monitor foot traffic.
  • Train employees on how to respond to emergency situations.
  • Conduct emergency drills with both staff members and students.

What families can do to help

  • Keep your emergency contact information up to date with the school.
  • Report safety concerns.
  • Sign in at the main office during school hours and wear a visitors’ badge.

We want everyone to feel safe in our schools. If you have any questions about safety, please contact the Fort staff.


Annie Wilkerson
Annie Wilkerson
Discipline Clerk
Ken Byers
District resource officer
Joe Gray
District resource officer
Brenda Hall
District resource officer