Tori Sharpe
Digital Learning Coordinator
John Hust
Technology support specialist
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Technology is a critical component to education at Fort Vancouver High School Center for International Studies. Each student has their own iPad in the District’s 1:1 program. Each classroom has one or more computers available as back-up. Students and teacher alike are moving to a more online world of education that includes Apps such as Canvas; where teachers can put up assignments and students can retrieve them without ever having to touch a printed paper.


Students and staff – Make sure to update your iPads. It’s very important that all iPads are updated to at least 10.2.1. If you still need to have your iPad updated, please bring it to the Media Center or Tech Office (Rm 425) and we’ll get it updated for you. Click here for instructions on how to update your iPad.

iPad Charger and Cord

Students and Parents – Remember that when turning in your iPad to the building, that we need the iPad, it’s case, the charger and the cord that were handed out with the iPads. We can only accept Apple brand chargers and cords and
if we’re given back an off-brand or damaged charger/cord, there will be a fine for replacement.

Your Tech Team!

Your Tech Team consists of three individuals here at Fort Vancouver.

  • Paul Gouveia is the Instructional Technology Facilitator for the building. He deals with the “How To’s” of using the technology which includes working with Canvas on both the iPads and Computers. He also specializes in appropriate App usage within classroom spaces and creative solutions to implementing the boundless selection of Apps. Paul’s the best resource if you’re trying to figure out how to do something on an iPad. His office is Room 425.
  • Yvette Sidaros is the hard working iPad Guru when it comes to the technical and repair side of the Apple iPads. There is no iPad issue too tough to handle for her. She’s located mainly in the Media Center (Library) on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday mornings. Come see Yvette if you’re iPad is acting weird.
  • John Hust is an all around tech that specializes in computers, laptops, printers, doc cameras, projectors, WIFI, iPads, and interactive boards support. If there’s a technology device and it’s not working correctly, he’s your man. His office is Room 425.