Back to class: Hybrid learning

During hybrid learning, students will attend school in person two days per week:

  • Monday/Tuesday—A group
  • Thursday/Friday—B group
  • The other three days per week will be spent in remote learning.

Hybrid learning schedules

Hybrid schedules

Before school

If you are not feeling, stay home and access your classes remotely

Mask up! (outside and on the bus ride)

Enter through the main entrance

Temperatures will be taken by a thermal scanner for all students

On campus, social distancing is expected (minimum of six feet apart)

Breakfast will be served in the commons

During school


Students will have three classes per day while on campus

Assigned seating in all classes

Classrooms are arranged with students sitting six feet apart

Passing time

Students will have ten minutes in between each class period

Some hallways in the 200s, 300s, and 500s are one-way only

Desk/tables will be disinfected


Students choose their permanent seat (allows for contact tracing)

Individual chairs a minimum of six feet apart

Student can remove their mask while eating lunch

After school

Dismissal from classes will be staggered

Students using school transportation will be expected to immediately board the bus

Students walking home will be expected to immediately leave campus

Students getting picked up will be expected to wait in the appropriate zone for their ride

Activities and sports head to your designated areas