Orpheus: A Night of Stories (4 of 5)

Orpheus: A Night of Stories (4 of 5) 2017-05-08T12:55:09+00:00

It’s the fourth year of Orpheus, Fort Vancouver High School’s annual reading event. Come see Portland’s finest writers read alongside Trapper student-writers inside Fort Vancouver’s auditorium. The kids will be reading original personal narrative stories and the adults will be reading amazing things as well. Admission is free and first reader starts at 6:00. Please come support the arts and make these writers and students feel loved and supported!

Zinn Adeline
Sean Davis
Nick Mattos
Alexis Smith

Mihkayla Boyd
Alice Buzurina
Brenda Chavez
Noah Kalman
Samantha Sidwell
Jessica Tofte
Trey Wheeler
Grace Willcox
Cittli Zepeda-Rincon